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ATTENTION:  There has been a change to the budget form available in the Alzheimer’s Disease Grant Application.  If you have already completed and uploaded your budget document, please make sure that it includes both the Budget Template and the Budget Narrative forms.  These are now available as a single downloadable Word document within the main grant application.  If you have any difficulty accessing this form, please contact us at and we will send the form directly to you via email.  You will then be able to complete the form and upload it in the designated area of the grant application.   
Apply for research funding to:

• William G."Bill" Bankhead, Jr., and David Coley Cancer Research Program
• James and Esther King Biomedical Research Program
• Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program
• Cancer Center of Excellence Award

Funding Opportunity Announcements

For questions regarding this online application system, please contact:

Florida Department of Health
Public Health Research Unit
Division of Community Health Promotion
4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin A24
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1725